Language Learning Tips and Tricks

Given that many people struggle with learning a new language, I assembled a top 4 list encompassing efficient tips and tricks on how to improve and grow as fast as possible.

Know why you are learning the language

This is vital for everyone who wants to learn a foreign language. Knowing why you are learning something is essential for the long-run and keeps you going. On many occasions people start studying without knowing why and slack off after a few weeks because they lost the motivation. Always looking for the best way to learn Spanish - or whatever language they're learning. Therefore it’s of high importance to have a good reason to which you can stick!

Set goals

If you want to get the results in a short amount of time, setting goals is absolutely indispensable. Try not to set the bar too high, reachable goals make you want to continue and ensure improvement. Studying a bit every day is way more effective than toiling over it all weekend. Make a list of the things that you want to practice and try to stick to it as much as possible. And remember, small steps make a big difference!

Immerse yourself into the language

Combining your daily activities with the language that you want to learn is highly effective and a fun way to learn. Try to read a book or to watch a movie in the language that you want to master. Even though this can seem difficult at first, it will get better so try to keep up! Also remember that you can make it as easy as you want. You can start with a book that you already read in your native language or with a children’s book, when you feel more confident you can move forward with something more difficult. Speaking with natives is highly encouraged to enhance speaking and listening skills. In many places language exchange events are organized in order to realize mutual language improvement. If this isn’t the case, or you prefer one-on-one conversations, you can try out our application and find a suitable partner to practice with.

Have fun learning

Having fun while learning is probably the most essential part when learning a language. Undoubtedly you will encounter moments where you think that you aren’t improving anymore and maybe even think that it’s getting worse, but that’s normal. Try to combine your language improvement with things that you love as much as possible. That way learning the language will remain fun and something you can keep up.