10 Steps To A Successful Language Exchange

Whether you're wanting to find the best way to learn Spanish, the most fun way to learn French, or a serious buddy for practicing German, language exchanges could be the right solution for you.

But you have to approach it in the right way. 

This is our break down of how to use idyoma to find your perfect language exchange.

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1. Make your profile appealing!  

  • Use your real name and a clear photograph of yourself. You can also use Idyoma’s self-verification service so other users know you are who you say you are.

2. Make sure your settings are accurate.

  • Idyoma will show you the best matches if you tell us your language levels! You can adapt your search categories too. We want you to find the right match for you.

3. Introduce yourself!

  • The first thing you need to do is say hi! Message another user and tell them a little about yourself. Be social and ask them if they would like to meet with you.


4. Set a clear time, date, and place to meet.

  • Choose somewhere open, public, and easy to find. People often feel most comfortable meeting for the first time during the day. You can use Idyoma’s ticket system to make sure you and your partner both understand where and when you will be meeting.

5. Be friendly, and explain why you want to have the exchange.

  • You’re making a new friend, so feel good about it! Let the other person know if you’re having the exchange because you have an exam coming soon, because you’re going on holiday in the next month, or whether you just want to practice. Let them know if you want to be corrected a lot, or whether you just want the conversation to flow. If you both know why you’re meeting then you will both achieve more from the exchange.


6. Try different techniques in your language exchange structure.

  • We at Idyoma recommend meeting for an hour or an hour and a half. This way you can speak in one language for 30/45 minutes, and then in the other language for the same amount of time too. You learn more if you are speaking, listening, and thinking in one language at a time.

7. Remember that you both want to learn!

  • Learning a language is exciting, but don’t forget that on a language exchange you’re a teacher as well as a student. The more your partner learns, the more they will want to meet with you again in future! Be reciprocal - you’re skill sharing, after all.

8. Think about some potential topics you would like to speak about.

  • We recommend thinking of 5 topics each which you would like to talk about in your target language. This helps keep conversation going, and gives you time beforehand to look up some vocabulary or new phrases relevant to that area to practice, if you need to.

9. Let it flow!

  • Don’t be too strict in sticking to a structure or to topics. They’re not so much rules as guidelines. The most important thing about meeting in person is that you can enjoy the language exchange and make new friends while learning in the process.


10. Meet again.

  • Let the other user know you enjoyed the language exchange, and let them know you would like to meet again. You can message them again later through Idyoma!