Where to Eat, Drink, and Play in Sevilla!

Sevilla is a wonderful little city with a fair number of sights to see and experience while you're here! As we're based here trying to find the best way to learn Spanish, we at Idyoma would love to share our favorite spots with you for the ultimate travel experience! From attractions to festivals to everyday eateries, we've come up with a few lists on what's REALLY worth making time for in Sevilla!


  1. La Giralda/The Cathedral
    The largest gothic cathedral and the third largest church in the world. A sign of Catholic dominance over previously Muslim Andalusia. With more flying butresses than you can shake a stick at, the building is something to behold. Venture up La Giralda for a terrific view of the city.
  2. Real Alcazar
    Right next door to the cathedral lies the Royal Palace replete with Islamic architectural styles and ornate mosaics. Go down in the afternoon to wander through the halls and gardens, or find when their next evening concert is for a beautiful evening out. A must for anyone wanting to peek into Spain's mixed cultural history.
  3. Plaza de España 
    One of the most gorgeous buildings in the city, probably in the country. For best results approach from the river and watch the grandeur open up in front of you as you make your way up the path. Don't forget to bring your camera - action shots from the rowing boats are a plus.
  4. Triana
    Sevilla's rebellious sister. To tourists Triana is just the other side of the river, but to those native to these parts Triana is its own entity. The birthplace of flamenco, and home to some great restaurants and bars, Triana is worth hours and hours of your time.
  5. A walk along the river
    From the bars and clubs at one end to the tapas market at the other, passing Torre del Oro en route, hanging by the water is one of Sevilla's most relaxing pastimes. If you're feeling flush why not grab a pedalo and explore the river yourself?
  6. Alameda (for food/bars)
    Less a square more a very long rectangle, Alameda is the boho capital of the city. There are plenty of dodgy bars and nightclubs alongside some of the city's nicest and smartest restaurants. Go in the day to enjoy lounging outside the bars, or head down on a Saturday night for a cheeky Botellón.


  1. Duo Tapas
    Pictured above, this is a bustling little restaurant in the northern part of Alameda. Though it's small, they continually add tables outside with heating as they need them so don't be put off by crowds! Anything and everything you order here is incredible and truly Spanish.
  2. Ovejas Negras/Mammaracha
    Two restaurants located closer to the Cathedral and featuring interesting food pairings you won't find many other places in Sevilla. Though owned and operated by the same people, the menus and interior styles differ greatly, both absolutely worth a visit.
  3. Sal Gorda
    A small, almost hole-in-the-wall restaurant located along a walking street in Alfalfa, this one can be tricky to find seating at. Still very Spanish cuisine and tapas style, they often take the most traditional dishes and put their ow spin on them for a surprise.
  4. La Chalá
    Somewhat off the beaten path of other restaurant areas, this small eatery prides themselves in their interesting beer selections and modern decor. Focusing on a fusion of Latin and Spanish dishes, it's an interesting change from your typical Spanish tapas.
  5. Eslava
    Tucked away near Alameda this poky tapas take on fine dining mashes nouvelle cuisine with traditional Spanish custom. Get the ribs in honey and rosemary, the cuttlefish "cigar", and the ... mushroom cake? You wont regret it!
  6. Fargo
    Seemingly not related to the Coen Brothers, but delivers the same class and quality. One of the technically best dining experiences in Sevilla, with all local organic produce and a terrific maitre d' service. It doesn't come cheap, but the best things in life rarely do. 


  1. Manhattan/New York
    Down on the river front, these bars are removed from the street and passing traffic, and come summertime can get pretty heaving. Outdoor dancing is always a plus point!
  2. Bombay Kiosko
    Also located by the river, Bombay is overlooked by many being so small. However it's well worth the "free mojito hour" on Sundays from 4-5pm if you're feeling an afternoon drink in the sun overlooking Triana.
  3. Blues Bar
    A funky take on the Blues Brothers complete with decorations depicting all aspects of the movie. This tiny bar located in Alfalfa is always lively and a fun time for a start or end to your night out, you choose!
  4. Bicicleteria
    Your late night hideaway. When everywhere esle is closed and you feel in need of cushions and dim lighting, BCs is the perfect spot to chill and wait for the sun to come up.
  5. Mercado Lonja del Barranco
    Through the day or into the night, this tapas market serves everything you need. Food both local and international can be washed down by great wine, beer, or cocktails. Sit out in the sun and feel the buzz.
  6. Libano y Bilindo
    When you're looking for a big night during the spring and summer months, Libano and Bilindo offer fiesta well into the morning. The whole club is outside and located in a botanical garden with palm trees forming together above you into a makeshift ceiling. The nightclub scene in Sevilla comes alive in the summer months with these clubs taking pride of place.  

These are just a few of the things to do, and if you're around in the Spring be sure to try and time your visit with Feria de Abril, the traditional Flamenco festival celebrating the Sevillana, a very specific dance. 

We hope you'll enjoy our favorite spots and feel free to let us know what you think if you try them out! We'd love to hear from you!