Idyoma's Aims for Learners and GDPR Compliance

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Idyoma is a free mobile application which connects language learners with one another.

Idyoma is partnering with universities, language schools and study abroad programs around the world to help connect students outside of an academic environment. 

We are forming a communication channel with professors and administrators at various institutions to collect feedback and to see how we can best enrich the students’ overall experience.

How it works

Idyoma shows its users profiles of other language learners in the area, along with their photos, shared interests, comments from previous meetups and their native language(s) and the language(s) that user intends on learning. 

Idyoma allows for students to organize themselves individually or in a group. When users meet-up to practice languages, we recommended they take turns speaking in each other's native language. This way both learners benefit from each other's different language abilities. 

Ultimately, Idyoma users share languages, cultures, and enjoy themselves socially. 

Key Features

  • Helpful tool for improving fluency in a language, outside of an academic setting 
  • Feels familiar to university students - developed for students
  • Enables students to connect with visiting study-abroad students 
  • Focuses on specific languages and locations around the world
  • Exposes students to different cultures and backgrounds 
  • Contains in-app message translator to aid comprehension
  • Enhanced security with the ability to block users as well as verify users’ identities
  • Ranked #20 Best Education app in Spain & #2 in Hong Kong
  • Featured in Harvard University’s IPO Event for most promising startups


Idyoma is working toward GDPR compliance; we have appointed a DPO and have restructured our servers to make sure we are in line with data protection legislation. We will continue working to achieve best practice in this regard over the course of 2018.


Create a safe community where members organize themselves for language practice. The best way to build upon language studies and attain fluency is to engage with native speakers face-to-face, and we make this as easy as possible.